I likely would not have pursued a Ph.D. if it had not been for the mentors in my life that introduced me to the excitement (and frustration) that is research. Because of their impact and support, I am passionate about being that mentor for others. And with the CSEP Mentor Fellowship, I hope to help other grad students realize the importance of mentorship and provide them with resources to become better mentors. 

- Allison Chau

Workshop 1Diving into Mentorship
Workshop 2: Mentorship Mixer
Workshop 3: How to Set Boundaries

Summer Workshop Series

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We are excited that you are considering mentoring the future generation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals! This guide contains advice, best practices, and resources for a variety of topics whether you are mentoring a student in a research setting or teaching a course. Each section includes an introduction, list of suggestions, and resources you can use to expand on your learning. While we encourage you to jump around from section to section as needed, we want to remind you that there is overlap between the different topics and encourage you to apply knowledge from all areas in your mentoring endeavors. We hope you will find this useful in your journey as a mentor and find your mentorship experience as rewarding as your mentees will. Mentorship is essentially having one's aspirations in your hands. We hope this guide provides you with the skills and veins of consideration that will make that duty positive and mellifluous.


- Timnit Kefela & Mayela Aldaz Cervantes


Click HERE to download "A Toolkit for Effective Mentoring"